Espace Fréquences – 13 février 2020

Philippe Fortier 12 February 2020

Titre Artiste Album
22:00:50 Up To You Patrick Holland Up To You
22:07:31 Giro Di Notte Look Like Garden of Eden
22:12:58 Depth Soul (Original Mix) Vince Watson Alola Collection Volume 2
22:18:57 Origins Of Telluria Liquid Earth Microsmosis
22:24:10 Normal Eyes Youandewan The Brane 001
22:29:12 Space Ships Jeremiah R. Cosmic Cycles
22:31:52 The Boy From West Bronx (C.K Phase Mix) Future 3 The Boy From West Bronx
22:36:16 Afterburn Priori On A Nimbus
22:41:13 Enhance Perishing Thirst Pilgrims of The Rinde
22:46:20 Utrecht EOD Utrecht
22:49:30 106B Kepler Sound District Untitled
22:52:49 Mono Concentrate Nu-Era Beyond Gravity
22:57:51 Gainsbourg Clay and Friends Grouillades
Espace fréquences

Espace fréquences

Espace fréquences

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