Mangue, goyave et reggae – 15 août 2019

DJ Manu 15 August 2019

Titre Artiste
00:00:45 INTRO
00:03:47 Fundamental Reggay Jimmy Cliff
00:07:49 Can’t Live Without You Jimmy Cliff
00:12:13 Brave Warrior Jimmy Cliff
00:14:13 Bloc No.1
00:18:20 Under The Sun, Moon And Stars Jimmy Cliff
00:21:49 Oh Jamaica Jimmy Cliff
00:25:45 Every Tub Jimmy Cliff
00:29:27 Who Feels It, Knows It Jimmy Cliff
00:30:42 Pubs – 20h28
00:35:27 Going Back West Jimmy Cliff
00:38:12 If I Follow My Mind Jimmy Cliff
00:40:12 Bloc No.2
00:41:42 Miss Jamaica Jimmy Cliff
00:43:12 King Of Kings Jimmy Cliff
00:46:08 Going Mad Jimmy Cliff
00:49:10 A Little Bit Of Soap Jimmy Cliff
00:52:57 Those Good Old Days Jimmy Cliff
00:56:43 Amadit Knlo
Mangue Goyave et Reggae

Mangue Goyave et Reggae

L'émission reggae à Sherbrooke

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