Remix ta console – 12 Juin 2020

Simon Boucher 12 June 2020

Temps Titre Artiste
00:00:31 Sword of Hope [Legend of Zelda] CarbohydroM
00:04:52 Bein’ Friends [Mother] NoteBlock
00:06:11 Twoson [EarthBound] subversiveasset
00:10:29 Gentle Rain [Mother 3] Steven Morris
00:13:25 Mother Earth [Mother] The Gamba Geek
00:18:20 Pollyanna [Mother] Hugo Junstrand
00:20:33 Fate [Mother 3] Kain White
00:23:49 You Call This a Utopia? [Mother 3] Stevie Viola
00:26:11 Fourside [EarthBound] Ro Panuganti
00:28:49 Eight Melodies [Mother] Soundole
00:33:13 Corridors of Time [Chrono Trigger] Toxodentrail
00:36:34 Wind Scene [Chrono Trigger] Qumu
00:40:08 Guardia Millenial Fair [Chrono Trigger] Player2
00:42:15 Frog’s Theme [Chrono Trigger] Bassoonify
00:49:30 Kingdom Trial [Chrono Trigger] BlackearacheXD
00:54:15 Secret of the Forest [Chrono Trigger] Xnarky
00:59:08 The Day The World Revived [Chrono Trigger] ShaKe Elite
01:03:15 Battle for All Eternity [Chrono Trigger] Matthew S. Harrison
01:07:06 Undersea Palace [Chrono Trigger] Ro Panuganti
01:12:25 A Flower Blooming in the Garden of Time [Chrono Trigger] Hashel
01:15:52 Boum chic Okapi

Remix ta console

Remix ta console

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