Remix ta console – 31 janvier 2020

Simon Boucher 31 January 2020

Titre Artiste Album
18:30:00 Sword of Hope [Legend of Zelda] CarbohydroM Musiques Themes d’émissions
18:30:31 Sun’s Song [Ocarina of Time] Funk Fiction Club Ocarina
18:34:48 Prelude of Light [Ocarina of Time] Flexstyle Club Ocarina
18:39:09 Song of Time [Ocarina of Time] Flexstyle; RoboRob Club Ocarina
18:44:50 Saria’s Song [Ocarina of Time] SREYAS Club Ocarina
18:51:41 Song of Storms [Ocarina of Time] Ben Briggs Club Ocarina
18:54:38 Nocturne of Shadow [Ocarina of Time] bLiNd Club Ocarina
18:57:40 Minuet of Forest [Ocarina of Time] Chimpazilla; Flexstyle Club Ocarina
19:02:20 Requiem of Spirit [Ocarina of Time] Sir_NutS Club Ocarina
19:06:00 Bolero of Fire [Ocarina of Time] Flexstyle Club Ocarina
19:09:45 Serenade of Water [Ocarina of Time] PrototypeRaptor Club Ocarina
19:17:52 Epona’s Song [Ocarina of Time] zircon Club Ocarina
19:21:53 Zelda’s Lullaby [Ocarina of Time] Emunator; Flexstyle Club Ocarina
19:26:12 Snake Eater [Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater] Hugo Junstrand; Julia Henderson Multiplayer 5: Connection
19:30:00 City of Tears [Hollow Knight] Kristin Naigus Multiplayer 5: Connection
19:32:57 Eclipse of Time [Lost Odyssey] Matthew Harnage Multiplayer 5: Connection
19:36:28 Ordon Village [Twilight Princess] Tyler Gonelli Multiplayer 5: Connection
19:40:27 To Zanarkand [Final Fantasy 10] Earth Kid Multiplayer 5: Connection
19:46:56 Fragrance of Dark Coffee [Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations] Steven Higbee Multiplayer 5: Connection
19:51:23 Suteki Da Ne (Isn’t It Wonderful?) [Final Fantasy 10] Daniel Romberger Multiplayer 5: Connection
19:56:20 Mets du respect dans ton bac Alaclair Ensemble Mets du respect dans ton bac (Single)

Remix ta console

Remix ta console

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